About Us

AkoHigher was created to bring an elevated level of production and creativity to the world. Our work focuses on evolving the narrative and producing content that uplifts, informs, and captivates the viewer.


Meet the founder Donavan. Donavan began his early career at local restaurants bussing tables to eventually founding businesses in art and entertainment. Today, Donavan is still writing, directing and producing content he loves.

"Chicago, We are Standing." -Donavan

Malibu GIVES

"Supporting the Expansion and Development of Art, Wellness & Community in Malibu and Beyond." Malibu GIVES is a place for all to come and expand the good vibes to give and to receive. Higher Studios and Malibu GIVES has collaborated to build help facilitate the dreams of artists all around the world.

Homepage: www.MALIBU.GIVES

Instagram: @MalibuGIVES

Higher Studios is committed to providing space for all high creative thinkers. Check out our initiatives page for special rates, promotions, and internship programs.