Spa & Getaways

Welcome to your private crystal spa getaway located in Malibu, CA. This local getaway has the premier qualities of all things wellness, bliss, and abundance. Surrounded by the largest crystals in the world, we provide guests with beautiful wellness treatments for private groups.


Fully Licensed Technicians

Massages & Facials

With options of CBD Oil

Full Sound Bath

Professional sound baths for clearing, healing, and wellness

Solfeggio Tuning Forks

Special healing devices, tuned to frequencies of nature.

Life Size Crystals

Some of the largest in the world, these crystals promote wellness, healing, and abundance.


The show is all for you. Play your own music or we can curate a playlist for you. All attention and energy is on you.



This is for friends, co workers or family. small groups are from 2- 7



Large Groups from 10-50 are comfortably accommodatable in our large space. Utilizing our rooftop deck and garden, we can comfortable host groups greater than 50 as well.